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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Border Buddies Annual Luncheon

Today we attended the annual Border Buddies Luncheon with Michael and Glenda Miller.
 It's always great to hear how the year has been and the new things God is doing. 

Dave Cleveland emceeing with his great sense of humor.
There were about 170 in attendance with 7 teams scheduled for the 2012 year. 

Team 11 Young people

It is amazing how many different churches support Border Buddies. It would be interesting to get a count of how many churches are represented, united in the work of supporting Border Buddies.. Off  the top of my head I can count nine and I don't know half of the people that were at today's luncheon.

A delicious chicken dinner was served with brownie sundaes to top it off.

Michael Miller

Michael shared how he discovered a drug and sex ring in the community where they minister. The youth groups were greatly affected by this and a couple confessed to smoking marijuana and even doing crack cocaine. But they wanted help. Mike knows how to help. Love, love, love and give them accountability and a goal to work towards. These are the ingredients for change because they are rooted in the love and life of Jesus.

L-R: Laura, Rachelle, Glenda, Krista, Kerri, Stephanie and Janice
All joined in love for God and His people

Glenda shared about school sponsorships. The students that are sponsored each year are up from 5 in 2005 to 159 in 2012. They graduated 11 students this past year. Glenda herself started first grade when she was 9 years old and from her own struggles has wanted to bless and help children get an education.  It is obviously paying off. 

I have only touched a small portion of Border Buddies ministry. Check out their website to learn how they help ex gang members with tattoo removal and Bible study; what types of projects the teams work on;   and lots more about the youth they minister to. 

Mike and Glenda have huge hearts. Their hearts have been enlarged by God's love and that is what draws us all to them. Personally, that is what draws our family to them. We are looking forward to living next to them and helping them in any way we can for the few weeks we are with them. 
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