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Monday, January 2, 2012

Life with Grandma

So many waypoints happened the last week of 2011 that I am playing catch up in blogging about them because I didn’t have time then.

My Grandma was a special lady. She had a strong personality. It came out in unusual ways in the throes of Alzheimer’s. Yanking my dad’s necktie. Slapping some random person as we walked by. Saying, “In the name of Jesus we have the VICtory.”  That was where her strength came from. Jesus and His victory in her life.

Reba Esther Myer Newcomer Nauman

May 3, 1919December 24, 2011

Life with Grandma is rich with memories.

·        Coming downstairs in the morning to her singing in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast or scrubbed her kitchen floor gave me the secure feeling that all was well with the world.

·        Annual summer family reunions at the farm.

·        Christmas gatherings with a big dinner and special name tags to mark our place at the table.

·        Yard saling looking for good deals.

·        Selling Hilcoa, then Golden Pride supplements and running Grandpa’s reflexology schedule.

·        Traveling to visit family overseas, including ours. Not just once or twice but numerous times.

·        Playing games, especially word games.

·        Reading, reading and reading.

·        Did I mention reading?

·        Walks up the lane. And it was a lane. A beautiful lane. Lined with woods and the occasional deer and about 3 other houses in the two miles to the end where their green farmhouse was situated by the red barn.

·        Drives in the lane. I still remember the feeling driving in the lane for a visit. One time I remember quietly locking all the car doors except mine so no one else could get out and  I could be the first one to get a hug from Grandma and Grandpa. My brother and sister weren’t too happy with that one and I have to admit, it was a mean sisterly thing to do. Sorry, Janice and Kevin.

·        Canning and freezing and then going down to the damp, cool cellar to retrieve the items for a meal Grandma  was fixing. It was all from scratch and without sugar. No sugar. Honey yes. Sugar no.

·        The flower beds were expansive, brilliant with color all summer long and Grandma’s pride and joy, after her family.

·        Her family always came first. I don’t think she could ever get enough time with family. Maybe that’s why she lived so long. She got to live with her daughter in the last years and her life continued to bring the family together as we cared for her. Uncle Larry and Aunt Sharon are among my heroes in life for their love and excellent care of Grandma. Their willingness “to will and to do His good pleasure” is an encouraging example to me of how to live and walk in God’s grace.

·        Hospitality. An open door. Who wouldn’t want to come to the farmhouse in the peaceful valley for some rest and relaxation?

Thank you, Grandma for your love for Jesus. Of all my memories this is the one that stands out above the rest. I know it motivated you to live, love and serve others. I am happy you are in heaven with Jesus and reunited with friends and family who passed on before. Thank you for your godly example in my life. I love you and look forward to being greeted by you at heaven’s gate someday.

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