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Friday, February 17, 2012

Honduran Veterinary Experience

Post by Phillip:

  Today, bright and early, Dad drove mom and I to the veterinary clinic to observe Dr . Herra in his daily routines for the second time.    What I saw I must say was 'very interesting'. He runs his business on a shoe string budget, if he knows someone is to poor to pay he does the exam for free. In the states I work at a veterinary clinic that has an x-ray machine, multiple laptops (to type up patient reports and such), blood analysis machines, and a laser for surgeries. Now, here at the vet clinic he writes it all up by hand and stores them in rusty file cabinets. He uses a scissor for cutting away fur so that he can draw blood, because he has not one hair clipper. Yet he remains very content with it all. For surgeries, he uses no gloves, or masks, and has an ancient looking cauterizer that he uses to seal the wound. His cat room is made of cat crates stacked on top of eachother, his dog room consists of one individual crate.

Third world? Yes.

                                             The vet clinic. "La Mascota" means 'The Pet"
                                       Dog getting a vaccine, in his one appointment room
A dog getting his blood drawn.

                                            The secretary/ Dr. Herra./ Me/ Assistant (Martin)


  1. Is the majority of his practice cats and dogs. Does he also treat typical small farm animals too? Sounds like a very kind man.

    Do you see yourself someday working in a similar clinic?

  2. Yeah, i'd say the majority is. However I did get to see a rooster, he had a lame leg, he also treated the zoo tiger.

    Well, i found it very interesting, but we'll see what God has planned...I could see myself doing that, but I would like to be more of a missionary vet.