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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Thirst International

I Thirst International is a non profit ministry that David and I launched a few years ago.

Since arriving in Tegucigalpa we have connected with a company that produces a great little water filter for pure water. Sawyer Filters  had representatives arriving from the US to Tegucigalpa for a Rotary convention where we were able to meet people who live just 3 and 1/2 hours from us in the US miles away in Honduras. David has done a lot of research, but had not found Sawyer until we were here in Tegucigalpa. We were able to purchase 4 filters from a Honduran provider.

We took one of these filters with us when we went to visit our World Vision sponsor child. The day was so full and busy that it wasn't until the very end that we mentioned the filter and asked the WV staff what their suggestion would be for it's placement. There is water piped into every home in this community, thanks to the projects that WV has been working on. But this water is far from pure. It has some sediment and of course the ever present amoebas and parasites.

Reina, on WV staff, suggested leaving it at the school for the mothers to use in preparing food and drinks for the students and in this way the community would all get to use it.

We set up the filter and began demonstrating it's use. The WV staff along with the community members still present were excited.

David explaining the simplicity of the filter.
This is where they capture the water for the school, very normal for here in Honduras and even a blessing to have it piped in instead of having to carry it from a distance!

This boy was drinking water from the "pila" (the open cement pool of water)
when we suggested he try the filtered water.
Everyone agreed it had "sabor a agua", taste like water. :)

God be merciful to unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations. Psalm 67: 1 & 2


  1. How exciting. Is this filter similar to a Berkly? Or however you spell those. How amazing our God is to work out the timing of all those details.

  2. It is different than a Berkey which is a ceramic filter and a lot more expensive. The Sawyer filters water just as clean and lasts as long as a Berkey. It can be attached to any bucket and uses the same technology as kidney dialysis. I'm using one here for us at home. :)