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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sponsor a Student

What an interesting day with a second one coming tomorrow afternoon for the students from the Venezuela school! Sixty nine sponsor students met today at the Fuerzas Armadas School with a parent or grandparent or even an older sibling to renew their sponsorship contracts for another year. This is a commitment... a commitment to good grades and good scholastic behavior on the part of the student. The parents or responsible adults commit to being involved with their student's education.
Glenda encourages the children and parents from the Word of God to keep pressing on with God's help.
A couple of the parents were illiterate and needed help to fill out the contract. Those are the ones that thrill me the most. Their children are learning to read and are breaking the cycle which their parents were trapped in.

The tailor on hand to take measurements for the uniforms.

Lined up waiting for their turn to renew their sponsorships

Picture time since each sponsor receives a picture of their child
It was fun to meet the students- this one is sponsored by Phillip's boss back home.
Tesla and I - we have sponsored her for 3 years now and she is a straight A student. Not all students are this lucky, I mean blessed and the encouragement they receive from the Stateside sponsors is invaluable!
Soccer... always time for soccer!
What has impressed me about this program that Mike and Glenda have implemented is that 100% of the funds go to the students. Border Buddies Ministries does not take any money off the top for office expenses. I have watched Glenda work tirelessly on the paperwork end of things and I know her passion for this arm of the ministry comes from her own childhood. As an elementary school student herself here in Honduras she would dream of school supplies falling from airplanes that passed overhead. She has experienced the need firsthand and come full circle to being able to DO something about it in the lives of the children who need it most.  With about 170 sponsor students this year, they are almost doubled from last year's count. Would you like to help them reach 200 children? 500 children? One by one is how the difference is made.  Another child who needs help with school fees, uniform costs, books, and supplies.  Here is the link to more information and the necessary forms. It is never too late to sponsor a student! The school year in Honduras runs from February through November. Thanks for prayerfully considering making a difference through educating a Honduran child who may not have a chance otherwise.

"But just as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us - see that you also excel in this grace of giving." 2 Corinthians 8:7


  1. I went to the Border Buddy site. I am trying to understand some of the specifics but didn't see the info. Are these private schools or missionary run schools that charge tuition or are these government run schools. Not sure how the system is set up. What happens with the children that have no sponsors? Do they receive any education. Do Missionaries get to teach in any classes?

    Sorry for the questions. Just trying to understand.

  2. Poor children here have one choice for schooling: government run. And that is not free. They have to pay to register, for books, uniforms, school supplies, etc... There is one major difference here. Public schools here are free to pray and read the Bible. Children that have no sponsors and are too poor to pay the fees will not go to school. Mike and Glenda have a Saturday kids club at the Venezuela public school. Not that these schools are perfect, but it is the best choice for these kids. There is no such thing as a homeschooled Honduran.

    Hope that helps a little.