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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Bread & Smiles

Thanks to Mike and Glenda, we found a bakery around the corner from us which makes delicious sweet breads typical to Honduras like galletas and semitas. In our previous wanderings, we wondered where the aroma of baking bread was coming from, but since there was no sign to mark this bakery (they bake for local stores mostly) we failed to find it. It took an insider to point it out. Thank God for insiders. :)

Around the opposite corner is the San Felipe hospital which is the oldest hospital in Honduras. It holds an attraction for me because as a teenager living in Honduras our youth group would visit Hospital Escuela and those visits were quite memorable.

When we found ourselves with extra sweet bread from the bakery around the corner, I took it to the gate of the hospital on Saturday hoping I could share it with some hungry children. The public hospitals here do not normally have any meal plans. The guard at the gate allowed me in under the condition that I would visit the hospital director on Monday to gain official permission.

I found the pediatric ward and proceeded to hand out bread and found that everyone was grateful and willing to receive it since it was a gift. I went from ward to ward and happily found that almost all the children had an adult with them. The conditions were simple, but clean.

In one room was a beautiful three year old girl who had had open heart surgery five weeks ago. She had been released from the hospital, but once they got home she started passing out. They brought her back and found fluid around her heart. This dear little girl was frightened of every stranger she saw. In her mind it signified pain from her limited experience. Even as the parents tried to get her to greet me, she cried. I offered to pray with them, which they gladly accepted. Imagine my surprise when I ended the prayer and saw her face brightly shining with a huge smile! It brightened my day and continues to bring me joy as I think about her and my Jesus who loves the children so much that He never saw them as an interruption to His day. 

Now that we have official permission from the director, we plan to visit again with bread and even some coffee. Those smiles are worth going back for!

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  1. Definitely sweet...all the way around. We are actually in the hospital with our littlest...just the ER. I'm sure it is a world of difference. So glad you are there to bring them your own smiles. God bless!