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Friday, February 24, 2012

Work Day # One

Bright and early, the Moore team started the work at the Fuerzas Armadas school today, although for one team member it's sleeping in. Christina works on their family's dairy farm and her day starts at 4:30 a.m. I have to admit, I'm not jealous of the early hours, but I do admire her good hardworking attitude.

Here is what we have started on:

Capping the drainage/sewer ditch
that runs through the school property

Putting a roof on the cafeteria
Cleaning out the cafeteria of the
construction materials to continue with the project

Creating rebar for the concrete cap over the ditch
Steel lamina covering the ditch to support the concrete cap.
 Juan de Dios got the building ready for the roof to be installed on Monday. Pastor Jiron taught us to create the rebar. We supplied the community with some firewood for their cookstoves while we cleaned up old construction materials.

It was a beautiful Honduran day with lots of hard work followed by a great taco dinner and some needed showers. Now it's time for devotions, so I am going to close this out.

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