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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Uganda Journey of Compassion 2016

Our team of 29 has had some wonderful experiences. We have been to four different villages where we do medical clinics, pass out mosquito nets and distribute water filters. We also do evening meetings and have opportunities to pray for people all throughout the day.  
Water sources like this pond are typical: 
An endless line of jerry cans waiting for water from a village well because the water is clear; but who knows if it's actually pure and clean: 

David went out to do water filter distribution with 4 other team members and translators. As they walked down the road into the countryside, the village leader kept walking and walking. After a mile they came to a small u- shaped compound; a great location for a filter since we ask families to share. They had the opportunity to pray for a deaf woman whose ears were opened. The team left rejoicing and singing on the walk home. 

Our experience in the village of Kabamba was a first for me. According to one report, Muzungus (white people) hadn't visited since 1975. It's a small village with no running water or electricity. We set up camp with over a 100 pairs of eyes enjoying the entertainment. 

We prayed for families as we went house to house distributing water filters and deworming meds, passing out mosquito nets and getting an idea of the needs in the village. Malaria is a huge problem here. One doctor said 60% of the population gets it every year. The nets were well received. There were 3 bore holes (wells with pumps) but two were broken and one was on private land so the owner sometimes charges a fee. Some villagers were getting water from a swamp which was brown and murky. They loved seeing the water undergo its transformation as it went through the filter. 

I love village life. Here's a taste of what it looks like. 

The outdoor evening celebration: 

A hardworking single mom weaving a mat out of water reeds and recycled bags that sells for $7: 

John 7:38 The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.” 

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